Patrick Quinton-Brown

I recently completed a DPhil in International Relations at Oxford University, where I was supervised by Andrew Hurrell and held a Junior College Lectureship at University College. In January 2021 I was appointed Postdoctoral Fellow at the Asia Research Institute, National University of Singapore.

My current research focuses on the Global South in international order and the globalization of international society, particularly in relation to norms and practices of sovereignty and intervention. Building upon existing studies of North-South encounters and their normative and legal consequences, it is concerned primarily with non-Western contestations of Western-dominated institutions. More broadly I am interested in IR theory, emerging powers, human rights, and the effects of multiple Third World and non-aligned identities on the reconstruction of global order, in and through decolonization.

Before starting my doctorate, I completed an MPhil in International Relations (Distinction, St Antony’s) at the University of Oxford, and a BA in International Relations (Gold Medal in the Arts, Trinity) at the University of Toronto.